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Taizhou City Electric Wire Factory located in Luqiao District, Taizhou bordering East China Sea is easy to access.Its facility is 12 km away from Jiaojiang Harbor and 5 Km away form the Airport. National Highway 104 is passing close by.

The Factory was founded in Aug..1 978.Its former name was Huangyan Electric Wi res Factory.In 1999.1 0 million yuan was invested to run its Jiaojiang Branch in Jiaoliang District of Taizhou.The Factory is specialized in manufactu ring plastic insulated copper wi res,rubber cables and welder cables.We have obtained China Electric Product Safety Certificate.OU r premise covers a land area Of 8,200 square meters.P resently we have 325 employees including 35 technicians.

In the past 31 years since the founding.we have taken“Integrity,Dedication,Innovation”as our mission,adhered to ceaseless learning and self—improving and spared no efforts in expanding and innovating,in a bid to build a top brand.We have obtained China Compulsory Ce rtificate(3C)and TUV,VDE ce rlification.

Thanks to ou r advanced human resou rce philosophy and state-:of-the-art technologies and management,ou r products have been extensively recognized amongst ou r customers across China and even exported to many countries and regions in Asia,Eu rope,etc.We expect to offer ou r domestic and overseas customers better service in a quality—based,innovation—oriented and g00dw_lI—centered manner.Looking forward to win—Win cooperation lO attain ou r common success.

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